Engine Assembly

We see it all the time – poorly assembled engines that don’t last more than a couple of hundred miles. By then, the damage is done and the customer typically needs an entire rebuild all over again. Don’t trust the assembly of your engine to an amateur!

We’re proud of the precise tolerances to which we build our engines and we document everything in a three page “blueprint report” that we include with every engine we assemble. That way you know your exact bearing clearances, torque specifications, camshaft specifications, part numbers for replacement components, and more. The engine we deliver to you is ready to start with the distributor installed and properly timed. If you prefer, we also offer engine fire-up and break-in services.

Complete blueprint of engine tolerances

Meticulous short block assembly, including hand filing of piston rings and degreeing the camshaft

Cylinder head assembly, including equalizing combustion chambers, valve heights, etc.

Final assembly, including installing carburetor and properly timed distributor

Engine pre-lube, fire-up, and break-in services are also optionally available