Cylinder Head Machine Work

Just like the bottom end of your engine, cylinder heads wear out with high mileage and severe duty use (racing, towing, etc.). Valve guides and valve stems become worn. Valve seat recession can occur. Valve springs lose their tension, which leads to valve float and further erodes valve seats.

Whether you just want to freshen up your heads for next race season or as part of an entire engine rebuild, we can restore the full performance potential of your cylinder heads with new valves, guides, springs, and a first-class valve job. If you’re more ambitious, we can also enhance the flow of the heads by tuning up the bowl areas and combustion chambers and installing larger valves. And for those of you looking for maximum horsepower, our fully ported cylinder heads unleash all the horsepower potential your cylinder heads have to offer. We offer various stages of porting from mild street performance to full competition race.

Valve jobs - from street to competition

Surfacing of cylinder heads

Replacing valve guides and honing guides to the exact clearance we desire

Porting cylinder heads and intake manifolds – from mild to full race

Modify combustion chambers to unshroud the valves and/or achieve desired chamber size